1650 mm Watermain on Neilson Road

Client: City of Toronto
Services: Detailed Design, Contract Administration and Resident Site Inspection, Post-Construction Services

Key Features:
• 2.5 km of 1650 mm watermain on Neilson Road from Ellesmere Road to Sheppard Avenue, using concrete-encased, cement mortar-lined welded steel pipe, due to its high durability.
• A total of 16 valve chambers (3 main line valves, 4 air valves and 4 drain valves and 10 access chambers) were included, plus 1 future connection to the local water system.
• The project involved extensive tunneling including a major undercrossing of Highway 401 (350m length under 15 lanes and ramps), as well as tunneled crossings at major intersections and entrances (Military Trail, Milner Avenue, Livonia Place and at Ellesmere Road).

This project was commissioned as part of ongoing upgrades to the City’s water system to increase security of supply and improve system hydraulic performance by twinning an existing 1800mm watermain on Neilson Road. CFA carried out extensive liaison and negotiations on the City’s behalf, particularly regarding the trunk main tunnel crossing of Highway in order to secure MTO approval.

An effective Traffic Management and construction staging plan including the use of short tunnels and steel road plates maintained continuous access to all properties and adjacent residential streets, particularly to the Rouge Valley Hospital.

Extensive liaison/co-ordination with various stakeholder groups and regulatory agencies were required for permits and approvals that included Hydro One (crossing under a 230 kV overhead transmission line corridor), MOE for dewatering and C of A and gas pipeline companies and the utility companies (hydro, bell, gas) for relocations and crossings.