Altona Road Reconstruction and Widening


Client: Region of Durham
Services: Class Environmental Assessment, Detailed Design

Key Features:
  • 2.0 kilometres of arterial road reconstruction and widening to 4 lanes between Kingston Road and Strouds Lane
  • Bridge replacement over CN Rail
  • Bridge designed as “thin profile” in order to meet geometric constraints at adjacent intersection with Sheppard Avenue
  • Off-road asphalt multi-use pathway designed as a component of the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

A design for the reconstruction and widening of Altona Road from Kingston Road to Sheppard Avenue to a four lane urban road has been in the works since 1969. Due to other Regional infrastructure priorities, fiscal constraints, and environmental opposition to the project itself, the project resided in various levels of planning until finally in 2007, after successful public and agency consultation, the Ministry of the Environment approved the Environmental Assessment.

Detailed design commenced shortly thereafter and road construction was phased over a 3 year period in order to allow for sufficient time for property acquisition and substantial utility relocations.

CFA developed an innovative road platform through the Petticoat Creek valley to avoid realigning the creek at the bottom of the road embankment and to avoid lengthening the existing road crossing culvert

The engineered composite road platform consisted of road profile optimization, retained soil system slopes, in conjunction with armour stone and concrete collar at the existing steel plate culvert.