Consumers Drive Widening

Client: Region of Durham
Services: Class Environmental Assessment Design

Key Features:  
  • Reconstruction and widening of Consumers Drive in Whitby from Hopkins Street to Thickson Road (0.7 km)
  • Extension of twin 2400 mm diameter CSP culverts on West Corbett Creek
  • 150 m of lightweight road construction through the Corbett Creek
  • Lightweight road constructed following a preloading period of one year. Preloading accelerated settlement through the unstable marsh lands, and will improve long term road stability

This project involved a crossing of the West Corbett Creek valley, and due to the organic soils encountered in this area, this section of the existing road was experiencing long-term, on-going settlement that was very evident in the road profile.

Consequently, CFA researched and developed an innovative approach comprising the extensive application of an EPS (expanded polystyrene) blocking system to reduce the overall road structure “dead load” and mitigate long term settlement through the (150 m) Corbett Creek wetland area.

“Pre-loading” was also implemented (for 1 year period) in advance to accelerate settlement through the unstable area to improve the long term road stability and performance.

For the creek crossing, alternative pipe materials and jointing were evaluated. Twin 2400 mm diameter CSP culverts were selected and used for their “light weight” attributes. These were sized based on hydraulic backwater modelling performed by CFA and working closely with CLOCA and MNR staff to obtain approvals and permits. To-date, this innovative system and road structure is performing very well without any noticeable settlement.