Helen Avenue Urbanization from Kennedy Road to Greenberg Gate

Client: City of Markham
Services: Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Contract Administration, Site Inspection
Key Features:
    • 210 m of existing 2 lane rural road c/w roadside ditches reconstructed to a 2 lane urban cross-section complete with 450 mm diameter storm sewers

The purpose of this project was to reconstruct a short section of Hele Avenue and to urbanize it complete with a sidewalk on one side to provide a proper link between newly developed subdivisions to the east and Kennedy Road.

Due to the extremely flat grades special alteration had to be paid to overall drainage as well as major storm flood routing to an existing of the Rouge River.

Along one side of the road were still original large lots on septic systems. Although these lots generally are being redeveloped into lots with 10-12 m frontage, the proposed design was set up to ensure minimum impact on the boulevard as well as the lots to avoid impacting on mature trees and the septic systems.The flat grades in both boulevards and on the adjacent properties required placement of catchbasin in the boulevards at regular intervals.

Also included in this project was upgrading of the street lighting to LED using new decorative luminaries making the existing lights in the subdivision but installed on the exiting hydro poles which would remain in this section of Helen Avenue.

In addition, new trees were planted along both sides of the road to support the existing streetscaping.