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Why work for us?

Every company in every industry wants the same thing—the most talented people in the field who will work hard to help build a company while they work on building their own careers—but we realize that in the search for talent, it’s not all about us: it’s just as much about you. So, we’ve thought about ourselves from your perspective and here are our answers to your big question, Why should I work at CFA?

Be part of something different

We’re a different kind of engineering firm and the uniqueness of our firm starts with us, the people working behind the name. Diversity in our professional backgrounds and, more importantly, in who we are as people—our values, races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, abilities, and sexual orientations—gives all of us a vibrant, engaging and welcoming place to come to work every day.

It doesn’t just make CFA a good place to work, though: it’s also what underlies our value to our clients because we leverage our diversity through collaboration. We believe that an inclusive, cooperative environment where best-practices are shared and where people are encouraged to have different perspectives, be creative, and come up with new ideas results in the best solutions and outcomes in our projects.
Working together the way we do just makes good business sense, because collaboration empowers people to think independently and generate the new possibilities that great engineering is all about.

Build your career

We’ll help you build a successful, rewarding career.

You’ll develop all the time through on-the-job learning but we’ll also help you through a mix of internal and external training. We facilitate mentoring and coaching from experienced engineers, designers and technology specialists so that you can learn best engineering practices and the leading-edge technologies and software behind our work.

CFA has a certified trainer on staff who delivers training for PMP certification, the business of engineering, and leadership development, and we offer a tuition assistance program for outside learning.

We conduct regular lessons-learned sessions and in-house training on a variety of topics, like emerging technologies and industry trends. We also support independent employee development through workshops, seminars, continuing-education courses, industry conferences, and online study.

Challenge yourself

CFA is a place where you can challenge yourself. We’re a smaller company so with us you’ll take on more responsibility, earn greater recognition for your work, gain more exposure to new practice areas, and have a bigger impact on the company’s success and bottom line.

Project teams at CFA see projects through from start to finish. They are empowered with control over all aspects of a project, from early planning and proposal writing through to project design and construction, right up to project completion and commissioning. They liaise with clients at every step and control budgeting, invoicing and payment follow-up. With fewer layers of management and less bureaucracy, there is opportunity for you to grow, move up and have more involvement in the company’s direction.

And then there’s the work. Whether it’s constructing a watermain over a river, a railway, oil and gas pipelines, a highway and a ravine, all without stopping traffic, or seamlessly relocating infrastructure in the middle of one of North America’s busiest transportation hubs, most of our projects tackle the challenges of working in complex, built-up, urban areas.

Be a valued part of a company

The people who work for us are our most valuable resource so holding on to good employees is a core business strategy. We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive group insurance benefits plan that provides extended health care, an employee assistance program, and drug, vision, dental, life, and travel insurance. We also recognize the contributions of our employees through service-award and employee-recognition events.

Balance work and life

Life can get just as busy outside the office as in it, so we have a workday at CFA that helps you balance all of your commitments. We work flexible hours Monday to Friday and keep summer hours all year round, with Friday afternoons off. Some of us have part-time and contract working arrangements, and there are opportunities for telecommuting, as well.

Become part of a history of success

For 60 years, Chisholm Fleming and Associates has remained successful and advanced the practice of engineering. Here is some of what we’ve accomplished:

  • We are a leader in delivering large-capacity water infrastructure projects in Toronto, with more large-diameter trunk watermain projects completed in this complex, built-up urban area than any other consulting company, and one of our projects was recently recognized with an award from the Professional Engineers of Ontario.
  • We completed an inventory, rehabilitation and upgrade project for the entire forty-five-facility, nine-municipality network of sewage pumping stations in the Region of Durham, and, on a more human scale, received a design award for our work to architecturally integrate one of our wastewater facilities, the Old Mill Sewage Pumping Station, into its surrounding neighbourhood.
  • With milestones like one of the GTA’s first multi-level, elevated parking garages using a clear-span design and computer-controlled access/egress as part of our history, CFA has long been an innovator in the region’s transportation infrastructure. We have engineered over seventy projects for the Toronto Parking Authority since 1959 and developed many of its standards, won several multi-year retainer assignments with the Toronto Transit Commission since 1992, and enjoyed continued involvement with Metrolinx on GO transit projects across the GTA.